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Mirror cleaning and shaving


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Why is cleaning a primary mirror like shaving your face? No matter how many times I go over it I always miss a bit lot.

anyway it  a hundred better than it was and cleaning the 14" mirror was a lot easier than I thought.


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I made, what i considered to be a bit of a hash of cleaning my OO 10" mirror.

The cotton wool left 'drag marks' and the coating seemed to have a slightly mottled look to it.

Probably didn't affect its performance much though.


The good news though was there was no damage done at all.

I took it to OO a few weeks ago and showed it to John Pemberton.

He said "no problems", and disappeared for 10 mins.

He came back with an absolutely pristine mirror, having worked his magic on it.

And he did it all for free......


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That's good to hear rob. Aways good to see shops looking after its customers.

by the way did you rinse your mirror with distilled water at the end of the cleaning process?

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Yes Tony.

Used distilled water, then IPA solution after that.


It seemed to me at the time that the 'Hilux coatings' were 'disturbed' a bit by me washing the mirror.

The coatings seemed almost over done on the mirrors surface, and had a slightly mottled look to them afterwards.


I'm not sure what John did to remedy the situation ?

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i had a dirty mirror could not clear the smearing on it ,which i think was caused by diesel fumes from a cement mixer , so  i cleaned it with a very soft micro fibre dampened in white clear vinegar then rinsed in distilled water drastic action but it worked 

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