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Star Tools - NGC 7331


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Think you will find Dave from Spalding(bottle!!!!! - sorry Dave)  uses this as well - some comments on EMS on his thread :)

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I love startools its a very powerful program with a simple interface ,once you get an idea of how it works as all software ,you will find the startools forum great for info and if you need help just ask ivo he will answer ,may not be straight away but will answer when he catches up, ivo is a software engineer with a love of astronomy that`s how startools was born,as how a lot of astro software came about , theres a user called guy that has posted a guide to the modules gives a good explanation to their useshttp://forum.startools.org/viewforum.php?f=12&sid=a324ac220c7e36592f28f4586ab5a894  and ecuadors guide too http://astro.ecuadors.net/processing-a-noisy-dslr-image-stack-with-startools/.also note in the startools folder there is a startools.log,  all your processing steps log comes in handy at times .

nice image btw ,post your image on the forum and ask ivo to cast his eye on it he will gladly give you pointers on how  to improve if needed,did you bin the image that helps with noise quite niceley. 






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OMG, so many new features to learn.......so many old images to re-process....ARRRGGGHHH.


Seriously, many thanks for the links. Much studying to do.



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