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A new project


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I can see you are going to give that a lot of TLC, and then it is going to look great as an ornament that will be ready for instant use. It's good to have a project on the go. :thumbsup:

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A work of art... it will look even better when you have done it up Phil - no pressure ?

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Made a start today. The leather was carefully taken off and I think that its not rescuable with my limited leatherwork skills but I shall revisit this later.

I wanted to get a look at the tube as I thought there may be some dents in the brass tube lurking under the leather. The leather can hide dents very well. If the old glue has gone to powder as this had (I thinks its rabbit glue) the leather springs out after a ding and the tube can look ok till you run your hand over it and find the leather gives where the dings and dents are.


This one had several at either end but no major ones in the middle of the tube. This is good cos it means I don't have to take the baffles out.

I made a nylon mandrel and started the first run of brass bashing (tapping with a small hide mallet actually). This has taken the majority out (see last image). Next I will clean the oxidised glue residue off (the green stuff) and then do some finer ding removal. The glue removal is not nice as it stinks.











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You can see the difference that's for sure.


If you did have to take out the baffles how are they held in place with these old scopes?

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Very tight push fit Mick. There's 2 in this scope, getting the second out would be easy as you can push them out with a soft plug but the 1st needs pulling or tapping with a stick, that deforms them. They don't usually want to come out either as they have got set in their ways for the past 100 years.

If there was a big dent in between the baffles I would smooth out as much as possible from the outside then use filler, this is covered by the leather so won't show

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