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What next if nothing true - only in the moment


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Ok I am old but come on - if I push an object it goes forward in the direction of the force. Now read this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-39642992 . Only today I read a comment in S@N about no gravity = no planets/stars/Galaxies etc - ok with that but if that's positive gravity and there could be negative gravity then is there a world where everything is back to front , upside down and inside out. Come on Dark matter may or may not exist but add to this negative gravity - brain hurts :facepalm:


Yes I know we are discovery more everyday and theories are only true until someone proves otherwise BUT i am having a brain meltdown need to G & T :lol:


Assuming its not fake news and I know its not 1st April.


Cant you tell its cloudy out side :(


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I love all this stuff and read a lot of books about about quantum mechanics, multiverses and gravity etc. Then in order to restore my brain back to its original condition, I have to resort to a good whisky or rum and coke. :D

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Fascinating but it'll make your brain explode (or should that be implode!). Gonna go look through my telescope!

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