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New here but not to Astrophotography

Guest Ewan

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Hello everyone,

Thought I would drop by here first before posting anything to say Hi!

A friend on SGL recommended I join here to post up some of my Solar Imaging pictures.


Used to concentrate on 'night' astrophotography but work & getting up at 5am really was punishing me I then discovered Solar instead.

What a breath of fresh air that was, no sleep loss & you get a tan all in one ;-).


I used to use an 80mm AA EDT frac with a Quark Chromosphere but upgraded last year to a TecnoSky 152mm, Baader D-ERF & IMX174 camera. Enjoying it at every opportunity I can (not nearly enough).

Anyway nice to be a member here & look forward to 'meeting' you all.




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I commented on your solar images. They are as good as many I've seen with a Coronado 90mm 'scope.


I was initially drawn to solar for similar reasons to you. By the end of this month, I will only be able to observe night objects at weekends. However, I usually do at least a binocular scan of the Sun on each clear day all year round.

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Hi Ewan. Welcome to EMS & hopefully will meet you someday.


I've just looked at a couple of your SGL posts and your solar images are really good.

Impressive scope you have there. I love my refractors too.

I have the 'baby brother' of your Technosky 152, the little 70mm.

Really nice little scope and also purchased from Astrograph. Rupert is really nice to deal with too.


Good luck with your imaging ! :)






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