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Guest astrokid

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Guest astrokid

Hi folks

Have been into astronomy for just over 1yr now having bought our 1st scope last year and then having to suffer a Canadian winter., A few clear nights but operating at -10 to -20 is a little difficult but the seeing is great and cool down times are quick lol,  the weather is getting better now but its April and still rather cloudy of late, the better skies normally arrive mid to late May so am getting a few evenings of practice with the new Scope and Mount and the toys that go with it so hoping will be able to post a few pictures for you all in the coming months as i get used to the operations of the tracking camera and the camera will post as i take and together we can watch me improve lol. With the possibility of a few tips from our more experienced astrophotraphers on what software is recommended for processing. looking forward to chatting with you all and sharing your experiences.

Clear skies to 1 and all

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Hi Maurice and welcome to EMS :)


Looking forward to seeing your pics. Any questions you have just find the board to start a thread and ask away - someone will be along with help soon. Enjoy the forum!

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Hi Maurice, welcome aboard and a big hello from the UK.

I bet you get some nice dark skies when the clouds not about.

I'm just a visual monkey, but there are plenty of imagers on here who are happy to offer advice. 

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Welcome to EMS Maurice- looking forward to hearing more from across the pond ?

It's a lot colder where you are, but do you get as many cloudy nights as Britain I wonder?

Cheers! ??

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