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Few Quark anims

Guest Ewan

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Still learning this side of things but managed a couple that I am pleased with.



I have a few more but I am concerned if I put all the links in one post it may 'bog' things down for some folks, is it best to make several new topics ?

One of the anims is a M Class flare I caught last year, 187 captures of 500 frames each showing some explosive action, my best yet I think.


Any advice on the best way to upload them here would be great.




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Marvellous. :thumbsup:


How long was that animation in real time?


That animation is 1.7 megabytes. Try the M-class again as you may only get one large anim per post.


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Guest Ewan

I shall post the others in a new thread as I am having probs showing them for some reason.


Edited by Ewan
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