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A walk round the res


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1 hour ago, Doc said:

Looks a nice place Pete. Is it near Sutton in Ashfield?

It is between Sutton-in-Ashfield and Mansfield next to the A38 and there is a visitors car park. On one of the pictures you can see Kings Mill Hospital in the background. It is quite nice, but I'm sure it's not a patch on your local nature reserve Mick. You can stroll around the reservoir in about 25 minutes and there is a small cafe there. There are usually a few birdwatchers with big camera lenses and spotting scopes. You will often see youth groups kayaking, there is a sailing club and sometimes radio controlled boats on the water.

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Eggs nearly done...



Coot and chicks...



Busy waterside...



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  • 2 weeks later...

No more running off now!



That's just between us three, don't say a word to anyone else!


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10 minutes ago, Smithysteve said:

I saw some oomebum ducks on there Pete! ?

I had to Google that, and didn't get what I was expecting. :o :blush:

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Don't know what you got Pete but my version is about the species of ducks with no legs... when they land they quack "ooo me bum... ooo me bum...!" ??

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 Google suggested...

Did you mean: oombum ducks


So I clicked it.:ph34r:


Your joke is nearly as bad as  "my dog has no nose"........:D

Edited by Tweedledee
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