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The Physicist Who Denies Dark Matter


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Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND)   


"Perhaps we should fix Newton, instead of making up a whole new class of matter just to fit our measurements."


“I am ‘MOND people,’” Milgrom proudly proclaimed, referring to Modified Newtonian Dynamics, his theory that fixes Newtonian physics instead of postulating the existence of dark matter and dark energy—two things that, according to the standard model of cosmology, constitute 95.1 percent of the total mass-energy content of the universe"


MOND or not .... I'm too thick to argue the case either way! :lol:  (but once they figure it out for sure I'm sure they'll let us know)



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Fascinating stuff. :thumbsup:


Maybe dark matter and dark energy will eventually be put in the scientific rubbish bin on top of luminiferous Aether and other defunct theories.

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That link is a good read, Mond seems to make sense to me as a layman on the subject... there are some clever people out there... ?

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OK, I pressed Submit before my battery went flat. Well there IS dark matter. After all, we have black holes and neutrinos. Where I have a problem with dark matter is that there just seems that there isn't enough of it to explain why the universe seems what it is. As for "dark energy", well the universe has expanded at different rates in the past, with nothing that can stop it or slow it down. We are told to accept "inflation" as fact but if the universe really did expand to the size of a grapefruit in less than a millisecond (at a rate faster than the speed of light), then why isn't it still expanding at that rate now? If we are to believe that the rate of expansion is increasing then something we don't understand slowed it down and now allows it to speed up.


Now I'm not "dissing" the valuable work of theorists and scientists but, to my mind, there's still loads of things we are yet to discover and other things that we are just getting to grips with. We've found the Higgs Bosun but there's still a lot we don't know about matter, mass, space and time.

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