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Welcome Everyone


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Hello All

Welcome to our New or Second home should I say. First Of all I know I started this website process but there is no way we would be this far along and at this level without Craig who is 90% responsible for what you are now using and looking at.

We have just thrown suggestions at him and he has made them a reality..So secondly I would like say a big thank you to Craig :)

As for the welcome all I will say is come on in enjoy be good and lets make this as big a success as the East Midlands Stargazers has been itself And all be cause of Mick (Doc) who started it not that long ago and deserves our biggest thanks, They say from little acorns grow. And this has proved just that Also I personally think EMS is the biggest success story that has come out of SGL so a thank you must also to them. As we would not be here without them.

Thats about it from me so will just say happy browsing :D

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Yes I started EMS, but that was the easy bit, all the members make EMS what it is today. A huge thanks to Craig and Andy for making this possible, it's the best prezzie we could ever get and I'm over the moon.

So I would like to add my voice to that of Andy's and welcome you all to our new forum.

Have fun guys and gals and make this the best forum on the web.

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