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Anyone know their Meade's


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I have been trying to get my 10 inch Meade to work with an optical tracking system with little success.

After talking to Meade in the USA this afternoon they tell me that my mount is not one of theirs.

Do not quite know how they come to this conclusion as it still has their serial number plate on it.

So it over to you good people to see if you recognise what model this is.



Main unit.



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Well after searching the web I have discovered the front plate has been changed.

Someone in its past life has added a 497 Auto star Controller and computer interface panel.

Still leaves me wondering what it started off at.

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Sorry mate but not a fork mount fan here but Sheesh, how can that not be a Meade? Have you sent them the pictures?

For gawd sake these companies, I had trouble with Celestron and my CGE mount in the early days, trying to wriggle out of after sales service but nothing as daft as that.


You posted before mine, glad youve identified it. Its still a Meade though and surely they should be able to recommend if the tracking system is compatible

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My advice is free and worth every penny.

Do it a favour take it out of the forks and give it a decent mount.

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Finally getting to the bottom of this.

Meade have come back to me and the mount started off life as an LX 200 Classic.

I have also managed to trawl up the rest of its history with a prolonged search of the web.

The conversion to the 497 is a George Dudash upgrade which replaced the front panel along with the motherboard.

Not a cheap conversion costing $595.00 back in its day.

Ordered in the proper pc lead so hopefully I will get this sorted in a couple of days ready for the next round of ISS passes.



I normally mount it on the NEQ 6 but put it back into the forks to run this tracking software which only works on Celestions and Meades due to the high slew rates and no flips required.

Edited by Graham
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Yes it will track anything the camera puts on the screen. 

Once the target is on the screen you lock onto it. It then automatically centers it on the screen and keeps it there. 

Well that's the theory anyway. 

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They have thought of that as well. 

For the iss you can put in its coordinates and it will start tracking it before it comes over the horizon. 

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interesting..... Ours is an lx200 mount. It's not great but I have had it guiding with maxim and phd. Good luck and keep us informed!

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Well here is an update.

New cable arrived . :2thumbsup:

Plugged it all in and still the laptop refused to talk to the mount. :(

So I tried running it off the obs computer as it has an RS232 socket.

Success the computer runs the mount :2thumbsup:

Obviously the USB to RS232 adaptor is not up to the job.

Loaded up the tracking software into the obs computer ready for a trial run. :2thumbsup:

Discovered that the software is designed for Autostar 11 and will not run on the Autostar 1 which I have :censored: :wallbash::wallbash::censored:

You really have just got to love this hobby :rofl:

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Ohh dear, not good.


Stick to visual, it's far less hassle and will save your sanity!



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No started this so I am going to give it a dam good try to finish it.

Besides its far to late in the day for my sanity to be saved.

Found another load of software which should work with my Meade. I hope ;)

Edited by Graham
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Further update.

I now have satellite tracking capabilities :party:

Ended up using the EQMODLX  program along with a program that creates a ghost port/mount for the tracking software.

I will now use my NEQ6 instead of the Meade mount.

This tracking software is not optical ( still working on that one )

It does however have a joystick control so I can adjust the track using the incoming video from the camera.

Had it all running in the workshop and it seems to be spot on.

Just need to test it out for real. :2thumbsup:

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Well done Graham, I hope it all works in the field. Sounds amazing if it can track satellites.

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Thanks Mick

All seems to work as it should.

Down loaded the tracking data for a load of different satellites including the ISS and the Hubble telescope .

Will give it ago tonight if it stays clear.

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