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Mount Hub the build.


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11 minutes ago, BAZ said:

Blimey, that's an engineering epic, fantastic stuff there mate.  Would it anodise?


I could Anodise it but I can get it powder coated at work.

5 minutes ago, Tweedledee said:

That looks like a solid piece of kit and very useful. :thumbsup:


Yup well over engineered as per my norm but it will last me a lifetime.

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1 hour ago, Doc said:

Nice one Graham, I like to over engineer things :D. Is it cheaper the powder coat or cheaper to anodise?


Both cost the same as I can Anodise at home or get it powder coated at work :2thumbsup:

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On 16/09/2017 at 09:19, Daz Type-R said:

Very nicely done sir, is there anything you can't make?




Have not found anything yet but there is still time. :lol:

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Unfortunately time has beaten me and I will not be getting this powder coated before Kelling.

So it has had a quick lick of paint that will suffice it for the time being.


Quality of photos is poor lens on my phone misted up.

Must have been from all my sweat. :P


What is inside.




Some of the USB ports.




Power sockets, fuse holders and the dove tail clamp.





Edited by Graham
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31 minutes ago, Graham said:

Top View.




Dovetail in place.



Graham, I think you need to right click the image in dropbox and select "copy Dropbox link" then change the end bit to raw=1. Looks like you have simply copied the filename and tagged on ?raw=1. I normally have those problems after whisky. :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Update and first light.

Well I used this at Kelling and it worked flawlessly. :party:

It now has pride of place on the mount in the obs at home.


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