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Kelling Bino report

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Nice binocular session. :thumbsup:


You did well spotting M57 in 10x42's. I got it once, but needed 15x70's.


The Perseus Moving Cluster is nice in binoculars from a dark sky.

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Daz Type-R

Nice report Phil, I need a pair of bins, had a look at Kelling on the trade stands but hadn't done any research so stayed well clear.

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Equipment = 10x42 Nikon Monarch Binoculars and Garden Lounger
22nd September
M31 was very prominent showing an extensive ellipse shape and dense core. M110 was quite easy, M32 was bright but because it is starlike at this mag was difficult to discern from foreground stars  initially.
Double Cluster.
Stock 2
Peseus Moving Cluster
M57 (took some doing this one)
Bronchis cluster (Coathanger)
M51 Just
NGC6760 in Aquila, surprisingly big this one
North American Nebula. This really was a first for me with bins. The Gulf of Mexico area just jumped out in the star field after a few minutes of looking. The sky was exceptionally clear and I was in the shadow of a caravan so my eyes had really dark adapted. I double checked with Baz and he turned his Dob onto it and confirmed my sighting. Apparently I shouldnt have been surprised as from a dark site the NA is easier to see in bins than some scopes, S&T reported using 8x42s on it.
September 23rd. Cloud hopping tonight so targets restricted
Cass and Pers region-
NGC457, this was bigger than I expected to see, I have only ever viewed this in scopes.
NGC 436
Stock 2
Double Cluster
NGC 1528
Usual suspects
M57, 1st time this time
Good list. I've never seen the North America nebula - not knowing relative size to others I have seen, can cause problems for me because I don't know if it should fill the fov, or be a tiny thing inside the fov.

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