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A bit of Dob Modding.

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Daz Type-R

Ooooo, nice mod.


Think I will stick to the analogue version, but loving that.



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A ‘lot’of dob modding, more like! That looks a solid mod after all your graft! 

I can imagine your frustration having to raise the dob to clear the encoder... 

I like how you have captivated the encoder shaft in your center bolt.

Does your center bolt have a thrust bearing under it to allow your rocker box to turn easily? 


For future consideration, I was wondering if it might be possible to design a 1 to 1 set of drive cogs+chain or a small 1 to 1 belt drive that might allow the encoder to be mounted away from the base of your scope swing...?


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That's not a bad idea Steve, I wondered about mounting it underneath, but that was a step too far. There is a large needle roller thrust bearing between the base and rotating table. That's just a large washer to spread the load so it doesn't pull clean through the board.

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