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Observing Source of Gravitational Waves from iTelescope - A Sky Tours Special


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This video will stream today at 4pm - might interesting



"On August 17 2017 - For the first time ever, astronomers have observed both gravitational waves and light from the same event, thanks to a global collaborative effort.  Researchers utilized ITelescope in Australia successfully to detect and confirm one of the greatest events in modern astronomy.

In this video,
Dr. Christian Sasse will explain the background, show images taken with different telescopes and process them live."


There is a live chat and he often answers questions during the session.  

I'm working today until 5pm so might not be available to watch





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I've set a reminder for it thanks Al.


Looks like it is on at 5pm our time. 

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Very interesting. First time I've watched this iTelescope. I liked the infromality.


Just finished reading a book about the people behind LIGO.  It is impressive it got going at all.  It took them 40 years to get there.

Book is Black Hole Blues by Jenna Levis if anyone interested.

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Excellent link up! Really enjoyed it!

I am still astonished at the amazing performance of the ligo detectors! Firstly it was the unlikely event of merging black holes... now it’s neutron stars!,, wow!

I had previously read an account of the unimaginable levels of sophistication of the mirrors and laser systems, the high vacuum levels achieved and immense difficulties in filtering out noise etc.


Einstein will be rolling over!!!


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I was busy at work and didn't manage to watch.  Also working today but will catch up with it tonight once I get home.


Glad some of you found it useful



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