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PC and monitor aimed at image stacking and processing

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I've had some discussions on some Facebook astro forums and obtained some hints and suggestions.  Thanks Red Dwarf Rob - the intended PC will be used to continue following your book.  I have received my first quote which I'd welcome feedback.  I won't be making any decisions without some other quotes and more importantly, a consensus of feedback.  The monitor can be obtained elsewhere £40 cheaper. 


I gather, for the monitor, a 24" is regarded as a minimum to some imagers.  IPS panel rather than TN, but I'm still open to extra views (the monitor suggested has a TN panel).  RAM memory to be 8Gb minimum.


First quote for a custom build.  I'm not sure what the make is, if the PC is a tower, whether it contains Wifi, DVD bay or not.  


"£784 including VAT. The specification of the machine, is an I5 3.00Ghz processor, a Geforce 1050 2GB graphics card, 1TB of storage and 8GB of RAM. The operating system Windows 10 home edition.  If you also chose to have a monitor from us we could supply a AOC E2460SH 24" monitor at £147 including VAT. "


I'm not looking for second hand or refurbished machines.


Comments welcome, thank you, Derek



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It seems a bit pricy to me.


I know you say your not looking for refurbs etc, but i would try SB computers in Long Eaton.

Alot of their stuff is as good as new, best prices around, much better than the stuff PC World etc sell.


Check them out.



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Thank you Rob, I think the other Rob mentioned them too, which were on the cards to check or make an enquiry.

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