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Super Moon 3rd December


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December is set to play host to the as our celestial neighbour gets to the closest point in its orbit (perigee) in the first week of the month. 

Also known as the "cold moon", the supermoon will appear on the night of December 3rd and (providing the skies stay clear) will be visible all across the UK.


We've actually had three previous supermoons this year, but they've all coincided with the "new moon" phase when the moon's face is darkened by shadows. So this will be the first one of the year we'll actually be able to see.

In order to qualify as a supermoon, the orbit has to bring it within 22,443 miles of Earth


This year's December supermoon will fall on evening of 3 December 2017.

It will be at its brightest at 4.47pm and will shine a brilliant white as it reaches the centre of the night sky



TIME FOR SOME LUNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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I think if it came within 22,433 miles of Earth, the tidal surges will be tremendous. Honestly, I don't see many different features to what I see at a non-super full moon.

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Not another "supermoon" much prefer the term Perigee. As with any full moon the details will be washed out and blindingly bright.  It still great to look out unaided.

Think you may of missed a digit from that distance Alec.

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I did a talk on astro the other week and when it came to lunar I showed an image of a 100% moon. I asked the audience if they had heard of supermoon harvest moon or full moon and asked them to guess which one the image was. Some said supermoon  straight off and were disappointed when I told them it was just a bogg standard full moon and pointed out to them that in reality just looking up at any of the 3 examples in the sky you wouldnt easily be able to tell the difference.

It's all media and social media hype


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I can say that it was noticeably brighter than average but you cannot see different features.


Here's my effort with only 227 frames:




I hate to bow to populism but I used the #supermoon and #superdupermoon tags.

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