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SW SynScan WiFi adapter.


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Duly arrived 24hrs from RVO, unpacked and tested (in the shed!).

I downloaded the app onto my android phone and a Windows version on the astro laptop beforehand.

Fitted the adaptor to the mount  and switched the power on.

Then checked the wifi signal on the laptop and connected up first time. Entered my lat/long position.

It fits on the screen with APT and PHD1.2 when needed.

From the home position I did a 3 star alignment (but without any starts!) it seemed spot on as a check but I noticed that there isn't a 'Home'

position?? I decided to make my own in the terrestrial target database which seems to work very well.

It has a built in Polaris position and a lot more stars to choose from to do alignments.

Looking at the weather forecast, it may be a while before i can really test all the features, which include a Hibernate feature..

Will update the report when the weather allows..





IMG_1447WiFi mount.jpg

IMG_1445Wifi screen.jpg

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