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Predictions for 2018 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sunny Phil

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Perhaps an easy one to start with: The techniques for discovering smaller exoplanets will improve and loads of smaller planets will be discovered in our cosmic backyard


Some objects that are currently in our solar system and have been for a long time will be found to have an extrasolar origin


I will not make any of the queen's honours lists this year. More disturbing is I don't think any regulars here will either


Mars Fever will grip the world. More and better amateur images will swamp the internet, hopefully with some from us. The flipside is that millions of people worldwide will buy low-quality telescopes with Hubble images of Mars on the box and complain that they can only see a red blob


The number of hours, minutes and seconds that we will need to work to buy (for example a 10" Dob) will increase. However, to make matters worse, the number of paid hours worked by amateur astronomers will decrease


I will be sanctioned by the moderators for posting too many meteor images and boring my fellow board(bored?)mates to death. Others will be sanctioned for over-Marsing


The first image of an extrasolar planet taken with an amateur telescope will not happen this year


Leicester will not win the Premiership but will have the best season since they did and at least make the Europa Cup spots


England will not win the World Cup but will at least get to the quarter finals. The overall number of images posted on this board will decrease by 2 divided by Pi during the World Cup. Many posters will rant about 1966


I'm not sure who the England cricket team are playing this summer but they won't lose a series


The number of Premiership and Championship football managers losing their jobs this year will be in double figures


The average world temperature will decrease in 2018. There will be talk of the next glacial period


My overall sanity level will decrease during 2018. Unfortunately, I doubt if I'll be alone


The number of hours of TV spent on astronomy, space and cosmology will increase

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