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A guiding anomaly??


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I purchased a SW WiFi adapter which works remarkably well, better than the hand set and has a Solar find and tracking extra.

While imaging with this kit for the first time last night I noticed some changes on my PHD 1.142 graph.

When I was tracking a fairly low (15') subject the graph was really erratic and all over the place although the images were fine?

When I tracked a high subject (74') the graph was nearly flat which is how it normally is at all angles?

So the only change has been the WiFi adapter and phone software. There are settings there for the Guiding Rate, from 0.125,0.25,0.5,0.75 and Sidereal rate. 0.5 is the preset.

I tried different settings but it didn't make much difference to the graph BUT the images were all usable?

I've put some images of the phone screen and a few graphs to illustrate the above, comments would be welcome please?






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Seeing conditions immediately springs to mind. Either that or it could be a balance issue. I have to have mine quite out of balance to get a smooth graph,  it keeps the gears loaded which helps with any backlash issues.

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Did you re calibrate for the altitude differnce- despite what it says I have found if you change targets and the alt is more than 10° differnce it does help to to recalibrate.

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I regularly use 4 secs with the big mount and 2 to 4 with the EQ6 and use .3 guiding rate in EQMOD with the 6.


I have also been known to turn off either the North or South corrections in dec when the PA is a bit off so it only guids in one dirrection and the other is taken care of with the drift.

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Not my best I'll admit but the WiFi was my main reason for imaging.

I must try with the MN190 when I can and better focusing!




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