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I'm fairly sure i'm not suffering from eyepiece mania.

Its over 4 years since i purchased my 13mm pair.


I did try out a pair of zooms, but didn't get on with them and they have since been sold.


Its scope mania that i'm currently afflicted by.......


Heres my current crop of 7 eyepieces and 3 others.



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Very nice Rob. :thumbsup:


Is there a reason why the Paracorr doesn't have any green on it? :)

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The Paracorr is a recent buy Pete, i got it second hand for a very good price from a chap in Derbyshire.

And its in mint condition ; it looks like its hardly been used.

I don't know why theres no green on it, but i believe the 'parrot logo' on it glows in the dark !!


I've not even had chance to use it yet.

But i thought it would make sense to get one with me having an F4 Newtonian.


I discussed them with John Pemberton, at OO who actually said that i may not even need one when using Tele-vue eyepieces.

And apparently (i didn't know this) its best to collimate with the Paracorr in place.

And as you may know, the Paracorr introduces a small 'Barlow effect' of 15% (i think)

So my F4 Dob becomes an F4.6 Dob.


They seem pretty easy to use though, for me its 'setting A' for my 2" eyepieces, and 'setting D' for the 1.25"ers.

More info here...




I will be interested in comparing the views with the Paracorr / single eyepiece

to that with my binoviewers.

With the Mk V i have to use a dedicated Newtonian 1.7x corrector ; more amplification than i would like.

But this Baader corrector also corrects for coma.


With my Earthwin system, that has its own "OCS - optical corrector system" built in. 

This amplifies even more at 2.4x but you then employ one of 2 reducing lenses to give 1.9x and 1.2x options.


I'm not sure though if you'd class the Earthwins OCS as a bona fide coma corrector as such, but i will compare 

and see how they all perform. But maybe with my 50+ year old eyes i may struggle to notice much difference ! :lol:


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You certainly have a fine set of quality optics and the Paracorr might even be redundant, you might want to consider selling it on to me :).


The act of barlowing or amplifying with a powermate may also help with reducing coma.


There's a lot more to these Denkmeier binoviewer systems than I thought, now you've prompted me to look at the website. :thumbsup:

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The best thing about something like the Denkmeier Binotron 27 (other than the eyepiece holders, which are amongst the best available)

is the option of a 45mm lens in the OCS which is a big improvement with a fast Newtonian.

I think the one in my Earthwin (Denk 2) is 40mm.


I have purchased stuff from both Bill Dankmeyer at Earthwin and Russ Lederman who runs Denkmeier optical and both are easy to deal and order with.

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