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SH2 240 WIP


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SH2 240 -- The Spaghetti Nebular

This is a definitely a work in progress.

I originally thought this was going to be a 9 panel mosaic but have revised that to possibly a 25 panel mosaic to fit it all in.

I am working on one night or a minimum of 7 hours per panel so the total will be around the 175 hours plus of data.

This is a really faint nebula so I am running at 30 minuet subs to get as much of it as I can grab.

This is the first four panels at 30 hours worth of data stitched together in Pixinsight.

I have another couple of panels but as they do not form a regular image I have left them out for now.

This entire Nebula covers an area of around 2 degrees in both directions making it the largest mosaic I have ever undertaken.

All I need now is another couple of weeks of clear skies and I can get the HA finished.

That will just leave the OIII and the SII :)


Click on the image a couple of times to get to full resolution.



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That is a massive one. I think it was originally called Simeis 147. Looks to be coming along nicely and should be spectacular when you get the full plate of spaghetti. :)

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Thanks folks. 

I am going to need a few more clear skies :)

Hopefully I can get the HA finished this season. 

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