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Picture of the Year 2017


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Seems like only last month I was doing this, time hasnt half shot by.


Some great images this year from folks again which doesnt make my job easy but here goes.

Just a recap, I wont add comments cos I waffled on in the actual month posts




Ibbo Bubble in HST




Brady Iridium Basin

https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/12649-imbrium-basin/ unfortunately this image is no longer accessible.



Sheila Heart Nebula Ha




Wolfmann NGC7331




M92 from silentrunning




Graham NGC6820 & 6823




Ibbo and Veil Mosaic




Sheila NA in narrowband




Ibbo solar 28-9-17




Allan the Plumber Jellyfish




Joe Pleiades




stuartjpp NGC1333




Out of all of these great images 2 really stand out to me, Ibbo Veil Mosaic and stuartjpp NGC1333.

And just like Alan Sugar on this years apprentice I am finding it really difficult to decide because I like both. But unlike Alan Sugar I can't rewrite the rules so there can be only one.


Soooooo... phew this is difficult!


OK I have flicked between the 2 for ages now using camera club competition judging techniques and I reckon the EMS Image of the Year 2017 is ................... pause for dramatic effect for 40 seconds.................................


Ibbos Veil Mosaic



with  NGC1333 by stuartjpp a very close second EMS Image of the Year 2017


Thanks all for posting your images and I wish all a Happy and Clear Skied New Year

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That must have been difficult Phil, there were some excellent images posted this year (well as most years really!).


Well done Ibbo, top effort that. :thumbsup:


Thanks to everyone who contributes their work, it makes the cloudy nights a bit more interesting for the dirty visual lot.

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Some fantastic images throughout the year, all twelve winners were worthy of the title. I would not have known were to start trying to choose between them, thanks Phil for a fantastic job.


Congratulations Steve, that is a stunner!

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Well done Steve. A fantastic image.

Well done to everyone who has submitted photos this year. The standard of photos just seems to be getting better and better. Keep up the good work everyone.

Well done Phil, and thanks for judging all the photos this year.

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