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Brighest object in the night sky for 9 months.

Daz Type-R

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So some start up rocket company will in March (I think - if they have not already done it) launch a carbon fibre beach ball sized object covered in mirrors that will be the brightest object in the night sky, until it burns up 9 months later in the Earth's atmosphere.


Just something else for you astro photo types to worry about.


Just Google "Humanity Star" for more info.



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6 hours ago, Graham said:

With a bit of luck it will suffer the same fate as the Russian effort. 

According to their website, they are considering sending more of them up.


It might generate a bit of new interest in astronomy but I doubt it will make much impact.


I tried to find out what magnitude it might reach, but the best I could find on the web is this quote...


"Mr Beck said the object should be noticeable but will not be much brighter than other stars and satellites and should not be distracting to aviators or stargazers."

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Its bigger than i thought at almost a meter across.

When you said beachball sized i assumed it was much smaller.


But reading the article i'm wondering if this is a hoax, or 'Fake news' to quote US President J Trump.

And since when have New Zealand had a capability to launch objects into space ?


On another note, this sphere has 65 reflective sides.


So, does this make it a Hexacontakaipentagon ? :P




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I've seen loads of moans about it all over the web but, surely, these moans would also apply to the ISS. Many of us like watching and snapping it. If it is beach ball size, I doubt if it will be that bright anyway. It should look rather spectacular when it burns up, though.

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Back in the 60s we had the Echo communications balloon in orbit, that was less bright than the ISS, no real problem. Just a shame mankind has this compunction to throw purposeless junk into space. I suppose thats what happens when spaceflight goes commercial.

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