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finding M31


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Hi All


Not been on here for a while 

Had serious eye problems which are resolving now

Can anyone tell me if  i would get a decent view of M31 through my S/W 120 ed?



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it will be a large fuzzy blob with maybe a bit of definition ion the core and arms.

What you are really going to struggle with at the moment is the (alongwith all others except lunatics :D) is the moon.


Don't expect too much and you will be pleased with the results.

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I have some doubts. M31 is 3 degrees across, so you might not get the whole object into your field of view. If you don't mind moving your telescope around a bit or simply aiming it at the western edge of M31 and letting it drift through. I've used an Antares focal reducer to see large DSOs.


You will see M32 and M110 on a good night.


I prefer to look at M31 through binoculars but have never seen M32 nor M110 with them (but have with my 127mm Mak, 32mm Plossl and focal reducer).    

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