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Scout skills

Dean Watson

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I was at an outreach/starparty for a local scout group the other day.  Just thought I'd mention, not so worried about the scouts, especially the younger ones but would you believe that one or two of the akelas couldnt find North by the stars?!


I mean, making fire, tying knots and well... navigation by the stars I would have thought were fairly fundamental badges, no?



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It's sad how disconnected from the world some people have become. A lot of people tell me that the pole start is the brightest one and I let some people continue to believe it. Others I show them the pole star. :D

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I had one lady at SGL last month insisting that Sirius was the 'Pole Star'


The best one i ever heard though, and i'm being serious here, a few years ago at a DDAS event,

one lady thought the Sun and the moon were one and the same thing, ie it was the sun during

daytime, set, then rose to become the moon at night.

i asked her if she was aware that you can sometimes see the sun and moon in the sky at the same time

but she'd never ever seen that, and seemed bemused by the whole idea. Nice lady though.....


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Twenty or more years ago, I had a little foray into astrophotography using an old Zenit TTL film camera. I made friends with the owner of a small local independent camera shop who developed my films. I even hoped I might get a few good tips from this old guy, who had been a photographer for over 50 years. We were chatting about just how faint some of the nebulae and galaxies were that I was trying to image. I was quite shocked when he suggested, in his genuinely well-meaning seriousness, that I might try shining some really bright floodlights up there to better illuminate the faint objects!  


After that I didn't really bother with any more AP and stayed visual. :)

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I was using a green laser pointer at one point... Someone was afraid I could shoot down aircraft with it...!


Also met someone once who wanted to know all about when we landed on the Sun... Least said, soonest mended...

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