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mak 127MM


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53 minutes ago, Smithysteve said:

Nice result David, is it all ready to go now?

Yes mak is ready for firstlight ? I must set it up even if it’s just visually 

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8 hours ago, Smithysteve said:

Nice result David, is it all ready to go now?

The Maks ready to go (telrad base to fit from 200p) ,130pds tube rings need bolting to wide D-plate,  to sort tomorrow bit of work to do on that ,just changed the secondary screws for m4 knobs type but not Bobs and blacken too shiny  ,sourced off Ebay for about £4 , fly mesh bahtinov mask to make ,now have fly mesh , primary to clean and secondary edges to blacken (ota ) has been flocked already so has the 200pds, focuser to refit once that comes back from a very talented engineer :rolleyes: , check collimation.

200pds change D-plate from my 200p quick swap over ,change secondary screws and blacken secondary mirror , check collimation ,fit fan to primary at a later date 

drill and tap pier head to pier ,run power to pier , change eq6 pro puck , modifiy mount power connector ,hmmm think thats it ,oh and tidy the shed  looks like a grenades gone off Again :facepalm:



4 hours ago, Tweedledee said:

Looking forward to reading your first light report, but you have a few more scopes to test out as well I believe. :thumbsup:

just a few :D

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