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Electronics wizard required.


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Playing with a dead HEQ5 motherboard to see if I can get it going again.

Can anyone out there identify what this is or I should say what it was :rofl:

It used to be totally encased in a plastic type cube about 5mm max in dimensions.

Surface mounted with four contacts.







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After a long haul through the web I have come to the conclusion it is a choke.

Still would like some conformation from some one in the know. 

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Thought you'd recognise it straight away Graham. That's the Mark 5 model 3.86b micro gravity fluctuator for use in a quantum entangled wormhole generator. It interfaces directly with Stellarium to allow you to point the scope to past or future celestial events. :P


Might get one cheap in the Maplins closing down sale.


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Nah its a Flux Capacitor.


Yep choke coil for smoothing things out leccy wise, have you tried RS Components to see if they have anything close Graham?


Its a bit beefy from the looks of it and a bit graunched up, what happened?

Ah just looked at the dimensions 5mm cube, not so beefy but the gauge of wire is still quite large.

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Thanks folks.

Ordered a couple in should be here next week.

Its an old board that has been kicking around in a box for quite a while now.

I have just got sooooo bored sitting around with all this rain I decided to dig it out and fix it. 

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