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Picture of the month March 2018


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Picture of the Month March 2018


What a mix of weather March gave us but despite the snowy and freezing conditions some brave souls have been out there catching photons.

Again a précis round up this month so apologies if you're not mentioned.


Deep Sky


Theres been a couple of M42s this month making the most of Orion before he gets too low


Mitt https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/14091-m42/

and dave.hardy2 https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/14138-m42/


Ibbo has been using the QS690 for a few test shots showing us a few galaxies in the process, I like the triplet https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/14107-leo-trip-test-shot/

and then gave a stonking shot of the Rosette in HOS and SOH, the HOS gets my vote.



Graham finished his project on Sh2-240

https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/14124-finally-finished-sh2-240-mosaic/ very nice Graham


I like dave.hardy2 s M1 here https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/14145-m1-the-crab/, good colour, detail and fov, puts it all in context.



A few images this month, well done folks


Quite taken with Alec s More Luna here



Hats off to Ibbo for getting an ISS transit




Weather has been a bit inclement to say the least but Ibbo used his microclimate to bag a couple





I like the EMS meeting images from Orion, good one Derek



So my vote this month goes to dave.hardy2 and his M42 here


Why, detail and colour are all there. Nicely processed with the trapezium showing nicely, good one Dave.


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Some very nice entries, but that M42 is really nice right through to the trapezium. Well done Dave. :thumbsup:

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That was a difficult one this month, there were some really class images. Congratulations Dave, it is a lovely M42.

Thanks for the time Phil, it gets trickier.

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