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Exmoor suggestions

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I'm trying to sort out a trip to the SW in May, taking in Exmoor.  Anybody got any suggestions for campsites in the area which are astronomer-friendly?

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I've been thinking of somewhere further afield.

Namely south west Spain.


Take a look here......




I think it would be great if we could get a group of say 5 and share one of the properties for a long weekend.

I know EMS is not a society as such, but is an astro trip like this something that would appeal...?

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Apologies for going off topic a bit.


With regard to the OPs question, there is a place advertised in Astronomy now magazine

that i've looked at before. Its on the Devon / Cornwall border. Not sure how close that is 

to Exmoor : its a part of the UK i'm not that familiar with.

Its looks nice, but i was a bit confused by the prices and add ons.

When you tot it up, it may be not that much cheaper than Spain....and i'm sure they don't get 250 clear nights a year ! 😀


Here's the link.



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Just returned from my foray to Exmoor, which was well worth the effort - I'll be going back in the late summer.


Exmoor:  Not for large vehicles!  Lots of car parks and lay-bys to set up your scopes, but worth driving the roads in daylight first so you know what to expect.
The national park has a Dark Skies guide.
I have a copy of Seb Jay's book "Exmoor Dark Skies" which is a good guide to stargazing on Exmoor - happy to lend it to interested members.


Campsite: I went to Halse Farm, above Winsford.  
Good facilities - clean toilets with showers; dishwashing area and launderette.  Good vista in all directions, but could be windy.
Free WiFi, and power hookups charged my car overnight at 9 Amps continuous so I started each day with a full battery.  
Nearest shop is in Winsford, a pretty village in a Miss Marple sort of way.  
Nearest supermarket is the Co-Op in Dulverton (about 8 miles away).



Westermill farm is also on the internet.  
A larger site, deep in the Exe valley which would limit your view and contribute midges.  Access via very narrow lane.  
Slightly nearer the darkest parts of Exmoor but I doubt that the difference in darkness would be worth the disadvantages.

Sessions:  Not really dark until after 10 pm so I set up at the campsite.  Very clear, darker than Belper with Milky Way quite bright.
Too windy for astrophotos but used my compact camera to get an 8-second sky view.



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