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4mm or 6mm

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I am after an eyepiece for the mak  for centering In on planets before popping in the planetary cam I used to use a 6mm Meade but dropped it a while ago , it didn’t survive , I’ve seen some cheapish £10 eyepieces quality not too important  on ENS optical what would be the better one for the mak 4,5,6 , in the 200p the 6mm used with a 2x Barlow wasn’t far off what the qhy5 was so only needed bit of tweaking to bring to focus  but not sure on the mak fov .

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When I was using a web cam I always used an 8mm EP to centraliser the target.

I cannot see it will make much difference to your routine what ever scope you are going to use.

You will still need the same focal point be it on a frac newt or mak.

Of course I could well be wrong but the logic says I am not.

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