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Hornet Queen encounter.

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Hi all.

While visiting the in laws last weekend, i spotted an unusually large insect flying about, which alerted my Hornet radar.

I couldn't get close enough to grab an image, but this evening my step mother in law sent me a couple of cellphone images 

of this beastie she caught which was crawling along her lounge carpet.

Pity i couldn't have seen it with camera. She said it was about the size of her little finger 😮

Its definitely a Hornet Queen. A bit drowsy after hibernation, hence it being in cockroach mode.

They are not terribly good images, but you get the idea....



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Wow, that's a cutie. Superbly adapted to the life they lead, personally I like them. Did it make it out alive?

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I think they probably get a bad press because of their size.

They are really quite placid and keep themselves to themselves.

I don't think their sting is any worse than your average wasp. I'm not volunteering to try it though....😉


You may think the little finger size is an exaggeration, but with a queen not so.

This is the UKs largest social insect. Triple the size of a wasp.

They normally prefer woodland areas, but we had a nest over the road a few years ago.

Mind you i am close to a park here.


My step mum managed to capture it, and released it outside.

They live out in the sticks a bit (Elford, between Burton and Tamworth) and have

a few fruit trees in their garden.

Come September time you can see the Hornets (and wasps) tucking into whats left 

of the plumbs and damsons.


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What a beautiful creature. 

As said they do get a lot of bad press mainly due to ignorance. 

I have lived in rural Suffolk all my life and in my near 60 years I have never met anyone who has been stung by one. Just about everyone has had an encounter with a wasp which is probably where the phobia comes from. 

They are an amazing creature. 

As stated they are very placid and non aggressive. 

Mind when you are at the top of the food chain you can afford to be.

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Mind if it was an Asian hornet they are on the hit list as they destroy honey bees  and on the increase in the uk there’s been a sighting in bury in a cauliflower traced back to Boston so authorities now on surveillance in that area 

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