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22nd March lunar


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Meade 127 EDT, Olympus OM D EM10 Mirrorless, 20 from 40 frames in R6 plus a bit of messing in PS. Click to get full size


Well the link didnt work for clicking, any ideas folks?

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Very sharp Phil. ?


When you paste the Dropbox link into the URL box, change the dl=1 at the end to raw=1. I think it will then show properly.

You did it just as I posted. ?


That looks fantastic at full res. ?

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It worked for me when i clicked the full size like, but it downloaded and appeared in a separate 'preview' screen.


Lovely sharp image, and full of detail. ?

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19 minutes ago, philjay said:

Yeah Pete, I was just a bit rusty, I got the =1 bit but forgot the Raw ?

A couple of years ago they changed the way Dropbox images displayed, for some unknown reason, and it wouldn't work the way I used to do it. I got rather frustrated with this and read all their online instructions and still couldn't do it. Eventually I posted on a Dropbox help forum and someone told me what to do. It is simple to do now we know, but otherwise you'd never suss it out by trial and error! ?

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