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Telephoto Macro


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Was out last week on the reserve with my Nikon and 105mm macro and there was stuff al to see. Went out yesterday but took my EM1 and telephoto and the place was alive with subjects, typical. So used the 75-300 Zuiko to get long distance macro with the Oly EM1 mirrorless, gives the FF equiv of 150 to 600. It does mean I can be quite a long way from the subjects so I dont spook them


A few Damsells, Damoseilles etc




















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Great results Phil.....who needs a macro lens when you can get images as good as that anyway....?


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Very nice photos Phil. Your lens gives a great working distance, very good for those pesky damsel flies.

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2 hours ago, Tweedledee said:

They are very nice. Can zoom right in for some fantastic detail. ?

Yeah, for saying the camera is 4/3rds sensor and only 16mp it delivers good detail in Raw.

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