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Edmund Optics : off to a poor start


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Ordered a pair of RKE 28s from Edmunds, or i thought i did. I certainly paid for two.

The ordering process seemed ok, and they quoted 2 to 3 days for delivery.


So....knock on the door, and a small package was received.

My excitement quickly turned into disappointment when i realised i had only got the one eyepiece.

It turns out they only had the one in stock : they didn't tell me that on ordering.

When i enquired about the rest of my order i got "hopefully It'll be here in another week or so, we're not sure...."



Upon checking the eyepiece i had received all was not well.

It appeared there was what looked like a lot of dust or even hairline cracks maybe sandwiched in the glass elements.


There were no end caps, but i half expected this.

Ok, this is only a £72 eyepiece, but how much would it cost to include some plastic covers ? Is that too much to ask ?

Even a small plastic 'film canister' would have sufficed.

I will try and source some third party ones.


Inside the poor quality box the eyepiece came in was this hideous rubber eye guard.

Really..? It was actually not even straight ! Or clean !!

Somehow....i don't think i will be using it.


Thankfully, my trusty 'blower bulb' came to the rescue.

There were no hairline cracks in the glass : just alot of dust on the surface of the lens, and once 

displaced everything looked ok.


Maybe i'm grumbling on, but i expected a bit better than this.

Hopefully though, once eyepiece 'B' arrives, they will perform, and get a place in my case.




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Mine came without dust, but I remember that the crappy rubber eye cup smelled awful. ☹️


I tried the eye cup once, but it destroys the floating image effect, and it is going to get lost in the dark because you need to hold it in place. Silly idea. If you want to exclude stray light, use a towel over your head or observing hood. I put my RKE in a small plastic bolt case. Would have been nicer if Edmund had included one.

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My 2p's worth on this is that it is not acceptable.


In this day and age, customer service is everything, it sounds like both of you have received less than quality items from this seller and the seller feed back leaves a lot to be desired.


Personally I am never going to use them (not that I need to).


How hard would it have been to drop you an e-mail or a call stating they only had one in stock, but no, too quick to take all your cash and leave you to check where your goods are.

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I  tried this eyepiece many years ago after I read about the floating feeling you get. My copy was a bit naff, it had a very fuzzy field stop and stars appeared very bloated at the edge. Also I didn't get the floating feeling, but then my eyes don't feel the space walk feeling of 100 degree eyepieces so perhaps it's me.

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