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The White lights march up the street


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It would appear that we are having the street lights swopped out for the new white light downward pointing lanterns

I have 2 major cocerns

1 that they are about 1m higher

2 That my "street light turner offer" pat pending will not work

see me at the Dec meet for details as this does not damage the street lights and if its reported the light still works

I have heard that they are good for darker skies as the light spill is more controlled but they do seem brighter

I will update as and when "my light" is changed and its clear


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Guest Bryndalf

is it a big blanket put over the top :)

or the gizmo dumbledor uses in one of the Harry Potter films...

Edited by Bryndalf
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There was an article on the BBC quite a few months ago about these lights, they are supposed to reduce the amount of light that gets reflected in the atmosphere, I know trials were going off somewhere in the country but that was months ago. There was also an article around the same time saying there was a trial of actually turning the street lights off after a certain time, hope so, even though I doubt they will turn street lights off in towns/citys, proberly just rural areas

Any way, hope it helps, let us know how you get on, failing that, theres always the blanket option!

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The march appears to have halted

perhaps they have run out of new poles or do not intend doing the whole road

or have they packed in foe xmas

We are scheduled for switch off in 2013 (if you believe the politician)

I did suggest that they did not need to wait

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Laser aimed at the photocell perchance?

Those new higher streetlights are a pain, yes maybe they throw less light skywards and spacing is increased due to the spread but in Mickleover where my sister and father lives its like daylight when they come on, ridiculous, it ws bad enough 26 years ago when I lived there with the old lamps but now sheesh...

A mate of mine has an observatory not far away from my relis and the new lamps have destroyed his hobby by swamping his garden with light front and back. Hes given up.


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Ahhh, so not as good as I hoped they were then, bad luck about your mate, can he not complain to the council or something?

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Yeah he can but he lost any enthusiasm and cant be doing with the fight, Ive tried pushing him but to no avail, shame because he has some good kit and the images he used to come out with were superb

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