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Off on holiday.....


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Off on holiday tomorrow, one week on the Isle of Wight staying in a thatched cottage just outside Ventnor.


Just the missus and me, as well as the dog. First time in 22 years we haven't had the kids, it's going feel strange.


Glanville Fritillary is on the list also the Dartford Warbler, two species I've yet to see. At night might use the spotting scope or bins to see some of the lower Messiers, I'm missing about 10.


See you all in a weeks time.

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Have a great time Mick. ?


And post lots of pics - birds, butterflies, insects, stars, multi-coloured sand, anything. ?

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Have a great time Mick (&co) good luck on the D Warbler ..

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What a holiday, I loved it. The sun shone for seven days, we ate out most nights in some great restarants, and had some wonderful trips out during the day. The cottage was excellent even though a tad basic. Had red squirrels in the garden. Also resident green and great spotted wood peckers visiting. Had trips out to Shanklin, Cowes, Needles, to name a few. Saw my Glanville Fritillaries, heard but did not see Dartford Warblers. I clocked over 800 miles there and back and of course around the island. 


I will post some photos later.

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41 minutes ago, Graham said:

Sounds like you had a great time.

No kids either -- Heaven ☺️

It was weird and strange but very good.

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