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All set up for a bit of visual..

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Well allset up for a bit of visual., but even at 23.30 only M13 was barely visible! (Roll on June 22nd!).





Here is the ED80 on the NEQ6

Edited by Ron Clarke
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A very sturdy looking setup. ?


How's the light pollution where you are now compared to Cranwell? I remember you saying outdoor lighting was pretty low key there.

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Hi Pete, its not much different apart from North of me is the town centre which is well lit but here I have good sky's SE, S,SW and West which I didn't at Cranwell as the garden there faced North!




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That's good then Ron. ?


Usually there's more to see and more of interest towards the South. ?

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I looked outside at 2330 last night and decided not to bother!

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Nice setup Ron ? looking all shiny and solid! 

I have been itching to get out too!

I was out 2 nights ago though, and my first object was M13!

It was 2.00 am when I finally retired to bed and seeing was really good for me despite the ‘not quite dark ‘ sky. It looked fantastic at 260x, a real wow! And I compared it to M3, M56 and M 92 ?Love globs!

Hope you get out soon!




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