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25mm cctv lens


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Can anyone tell me / confirm that I need the 5mm cs adapter to fit my qhy5L-11  so this will focus at infinity with the 25mm  cctv lens  I assume I remove the c adapter and replace with the CS adapter .

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Now seemed to have sorted this  thanks to Stuartjjp , orders a 5mm cs mount front end adapter , though the cheap lens i got needs another 2mm to focus so I need a washer or an O ring  . 

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Checked camera with lens needed to space lens , shimmed with an 0 ring to reach infinity will recheck on a clear night should be ok now .

12mm cctv lens


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Well it works splendidly using sharpcap pole align no problems 

and got PA down to very good , green on the traffic light system of sharpcap PA . 1.5 arc secs ish , checked later on with the mini guide scope as well once I’d swapped and that worked too , previous attempts it failed to solve I think that was due to being to far away from pole .

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