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Oh what a laugh.


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If it was made it can be mended.

If it is needed it can be created.

A problem is merely a solution waiting to be found.?

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I can only admire your determination .........

I'd  have cancelled the sale and taken a big hammer to the roof sections?   ?

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This just proves we astronomers are all barking mad! ☺️

At least you will be laughing about this for some time to come Graham! ?

Don’t forget to allow room for the new 5 m diam obs roof to come through ?

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So the moral is - never close doors behind you - oh! and don't build walls behind you too lol. ?

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2 hours ago, Doc said:

I know what my missus would have said.

And mine! ?


Amazing that you knocked a wall down to get it through Graham. ??


I sold my 3 metre dome for 99 pence buyer collects on ebay. They had to saw it in half to get it down the side of the house...






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Well the Dome is now on its way to its new life in France.

I still cannot quite believe it.

This really nice guy and his lovely wife turned up with a 6 foot x 4 foot trailer.

When they pulled up I just stood and stared in disbelief at this tiny trailer with a very long tow arm.

This was no ordinary trailer though,

It was a combination of a Transformer and a Tardis.

After removing a couple of bolts the front folded down increasing its size to about Ten feet.

After an hour of playing Obs Dome Tetris it was all in and strapped down.

I still cannot quite believe it.



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