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It is on its way.


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Got home and set up the crane.

Moved the fork across the courtyard and up to the back door.

Tomorrow will be the struggle as I get it through the kitchen into the workshop and out onto the obs slab.

More to follow.



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Be careful buddy, that only has to slip once! If I took that through the kitchen it would trigger a divorce.


Could I borrow that for the weekend Graham? ?

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Its perfectly safe Martyn I made some lifting eyes which bolt onto where the pillow block bearings go.

I also made a steel plinth for it to sit on under the solar disc.

Besides if it fell over in my kitchen it could do hundreds of pounds of improvements ???

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It has taken me 3 hours but the fork is now on the obs slab.

The only collateral damage was a small chip in my antique 1970's G Plan sideboard  ? and some paint scraped off the fork.

Just got to put the setting circle and the worm wheel back on and it is ready to lift into position.








Edited by Graham
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