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The SOFIA telescope.


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Just watched a program about the SOFIA telescope. It's on board a jumbo jet and it's simply awesome. You look at the scope and it moves so you persume it's moving inside the scope tracking the object, but it's not, it's the plane moving around the scope.

Simply amazing piece of kit.

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Yeah, I saw a programme about that last week, the plane basicly flies from one side of the states to the other constanly changing it's course so the scope never looses site of it's target, it does look awsome when it moves, like Mick says, you think the scope is moveing but in fact it is the plane banking left/right.

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Here is a few pics I found.

The plane has had nearly all it's seats removed, loaded with computers, servers etc and then this massive telescope near the back, been up and running since 2006, I beleive they still use it now!

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The scope always looks like it's moving but it's not the scope is still and the plane compenstaes for turbulance and banking.

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