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Help Needed Auto Guiding setup with EQ5 goto


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Hi guys

I have recently aquired a Skywatcher EQ5 goto Mount with the Skyscan handset etc.

I have an Altair Astro guide camera .

can anyone walk me through the setting up procedure (ie what do I connect to what and where)

thanks in anticipation


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Hi Graham, not sure how far you've got, but if I can help?

Balance is important for guiding, Polar align, using the handset do a 2 star alignment.

Visually find the target you want and set the scope  to it (with the handset), add your'e camera (not guider) and do a test image to check the target.

Set you're guide scope up, USB to the laptop for PHD (1.2 is easier!) and connect the other cable ST4 (looks like a telephone connector) in the camera and into the

guiding (ST4) port on the telescope. fire up PHD and follow the instructions on there, if you can't see a star the physically adjust the guider scope till you do!

When it says it's guiding press 'Tools' and 'show graph' this will show how well it's working, then start imaging!!

Hope that helps and I have not forgotten anything!





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Exactly as Ron says text book, I have a eq5 in the garage and never really had much luck guiding with it. The older versions have no bearings in the one axis and tend to stick even with the clutch released.  You will just need to follow the above steps and see from the graph how it goes.

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Thanks guys

so am I right in thinking that you connect the ST4 cable from the ST4 port on the guide camera to the auto guiding port on the Skyscan black box?

what is the middle port on the handset used for?


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Yes you can connect into the ST4 port on the black box.

The middle port on the handset is for connecting to a computer.

To use this facility you will need to put the handset into PC direct mode.

If you are going to go down this route you are better off going on to EQMOD and losing the handset altogether.

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