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A bit more done.


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Managed to get a bit more done to the scope.

Made up a couple of plates on the water jet.

One takes the adjustable mount that carries the 5 inch frac that will be used as a finder scope.

The other takes my box of tricks with all the power points , usb sockets and the dew heater control I made for the NEQ6 with the Losmonday dovetail clamp.

This will be used for the solar scope ( fitted in photo ) and the GT 81 should I ever need to use it.


All the timber for the obs should arrive tomorrow so I have a hectic weekend ahead.



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Forgot something.

All new fully adjustable tilting focus mount plates.



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Nice but your using that camera with WD40 all over it again!! ?

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OTA now fully assembled.


Last shots of it in plain sight.

With a fair wind it will be inside its new home by the close of play tonight.


Taken with the proper camera just for Ron ?






Edited by Graham
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A real telescope that, reminds me of what scopes used to be like before the Japanese and Chinese took over. Well done Graham

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Mind to cover it’s tomorrow Graham any aircraft heading for the RAF anniversary will think there’s a anti aircraft gun tracking them ??? does look stunning don’t fit the mirror until I’m back off my hols I’ve a feeling big black clouds looming ??????

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Magnificent stuff! The whole thing is looking brilliant! ??


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Looking really good Graham, does look a bit like an A10's Gatling gun i must admit!! ?

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