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NGC 3586 Restart now in colour


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That looks great. ?


You have it all in there, but I'm not sure about the Statue of Liberty. The Americans must have a better imagination than me. ?

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Tried a different combo, with Ha = R, O3 = G and S2 = B. Its brought more of the pillars (Statue) in the nebula out

The detail gives a slight resemblance to the SOL







Heres an even closer shot ?




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Hmmmm... love the nebula, but I'm seeing a bug like alien wielding a laser whip. But maybe it's just my imagination. ? ?

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Final answer. Got more O3 time on this one. So here is a mix of different renditions










An interesting area this. Carina is just chock full of stuff




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Seeing Ibbos great M16 shot in SHO reminded me I hadnt done one of these in SHO, (I did every other combo but)



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Ta Pete. Not used to tricolour let alone narrow band so Steves pointers were useful in turning a green photo into something. I always used to shoot in color, so its a learning curve, astro imaging is constant learning, helps keep the grey cells working I spose.

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