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The roof takes shape.


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Had a good run at it today.

The wood turned up around ten thirty so Lost a bit of time there.

Not to worry I have all weekend to get this sorted.

First job was to fit all the guide rollers.

After fitting the guide rollers i set out the roof, it got a bit tight for space in the alfresco workshop but I managed it in the end.

It was then a case of measuring, cutting and screwing it all together.


First Job tomorrow morning is to get it on top of the obs.

Once there I can mount it on the runners and fit all the cross bracings

Then I can build the Pagoda that will carry the roof in the open position.



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Thanks David.

Another good day tomorrow and I should have it cracked.

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It is coming on a treat and thankfully you have had great weather conditions whilst doing the build! ☀️?

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Sat in the garden tonight having a quiet pint pondering the best way of getting the roof up onto the top of the obs.

When out of the darkness the Eureka moment happened.


No time like the present I thought whats a bit of darkness got to do with anything.


So using a bit of Physics a couple of strops and a two ton chain turfer I slowly inched the roof up over the end wall.

Once I got it to its balance point it was a doddle to rotate it over and down onto a couple of lengths of 4 x 2

I had put across the top of the obs to protect the scope should anything untoward  have occurred.


So here it is.

Sat ready for me to sort out the runners in the morning.


No idea what the neighbors were thinking but then they are probably used to my nutty ways by now.


Going to sleep a happy sleep tonight.





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Nice one. I had the external runner frame up when I put mine on. It was easier than trying to lift it onto the obs. Once on I was able to put the roof panels on easily.

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The roof is all but completed now.

All clad and sitting on its runners.

Just got to get some 2 x 1's so I can fill in the eves then I can felt it and put the weather boards on.

Had to come inside for a break that sun is getting too hot to work in.

Once this heat is not so oppressive I will make a start on the pergola.



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Very nice. Looks like you should have plenty of room in there, even though it's a massive scope. ?

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