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celestron starlink/skyportal

Dean Watson

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Hi all, just looking at a version (93959) of Celestrons starlink module going cheap (reputable dealer) to wifi up my cpc1100.  


A couple of questions if anyone has any experience of this... 


I have downloaded successfully the latest version of the skyportal app to an old tablet I have, so no problem there.  I currently use the Starsense tool (super bit of tech) and I gather it is set to be compatible with the software download, but will that work with the actual older version of the module? (that is to say is the module more or less just a link, regardless of model and the critical bit to compatibility is the software download, or of course, otherwise?).


Also, while I know it would be semi redundant, I am rather belt and braces, will (again with the latest software download) the existing handset still work in tandem with the tablets instructions?


The CPC1100 has two aux ports so I am assuming no need for a splitter or anything to have the module and starsense both talking to the mount.


Thanks for all helpful and useful insights.

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