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It’s been a while


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Finally logged in to the website proper as I’ve not been on the forum for a while


i always use tapatalk on my iPhone but the site disappeared a while back. It it likely to return anytime or was there a reason for removing that method of access. I rarely use my pc these days other than to process photos. Everything else tends to be done via iPhone or iPad 



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Ayup Tom, how's it going? 

Yeah, sorry about that the software these days doesn't support tapatalk anymore, I am glad you have found your way back. Have you blown anything up lately? ?

We were just talking about that the other night.

I hope all's good up north, take care mate.

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Lol that was a right shocker. A blue flash lit up the campsite. Just as well it wasn’t the end of me. I guess repeated use in cold nights had cracked that plug. I check them regularly now


all good up north except bloody horse arena is lit up like a small village most nights. I took to flashing a very powerful torch in his direction if I was using the obey. That seemed to work. The guy likes to rake the paddock with a mini tractor into the small hours if I don’t signal. 

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22 hours ago, Teslar said:

A blue flash lit up the campsite.

Martyn told me about that, great story! Apparently they also got you completely smashed on whiskey? ?


Tapatalk won't make a return as the support is appalling. It broke after almost every upgrade and was usually broken for days until they updated their plugin. The website is responsive though, so it will work just fine on an iPhone or iPad without an app, I use it daily from my iPhone.

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