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Imperial 1/16" nuts?


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Hello, anyone know where I could buy imperial sized nuts/bolts? Quite small at 1/16" (I think).

All I've found in UK is metric.


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Just to say it is a 1/16 is not enough.

There are at least 6 different imperial threads.

If it is only 1/16 it will probably be a BA thread.

Most of the old electrical stuff used BA threads.

If you get stuck let me know. 

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Thanks for reply.

Yes I know I need to also get right thread. I only have a plastic ruler to measure with so I can't be all that accurate. Previously I counted about 50 odd threads in millimeters to try get the size.. And with same inaccurate ruler tried get size/diameter of the nut itself.. Major mistake was thinking it was metric of course, ordered some and of course they are a little too small.. Looking again I thought they look more like about 1/16" .

I didn't think of metric at all at first ..silly me..

Its for a secondary mirror holder.. Its made from 3 threaded bars...


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What is the secondary off.

Make and model 

Should be able to tell you what you require from those.

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Try www.modelfixings.co.uk - they have all sorts of stuff you never knew you needed!

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Would it be possible to take the secondary off and bring it round to me, I live in Nottingham. I have a variety of metric, BSF, UNF, BSP, BA taps so I'm sure we can find the thread size. If not maybe we can re tap the secondary to a larger metric size.

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