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Improving Altitude movement on Lightbridge 12”


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Anyone any ideas how to improve the altitude movement on a Meade Lightbridge 12” ?

lt is not smooth in movement and hence difficult to perform small movements.

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Has it already got a lazy susan bearing?


Sorry just realised you said altitude not azimuth.

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That seems to be another problem in azimuth.

It has the standard bearing but probably 300 degrees rotation is free moving but the last 60 degrees seems to stiffen up. 

Any ideas?

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can you suggest a size, supplier  for a lazy Susan bearing?

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Graham - check out my dob box build thread - the alt/az bearings that I use work really well for me on the 16" LB. It might give you some ideas that help. Ultimately the alt bearing depends on balance (achieved with counterweights). ?



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Hi, I had the same problem in azimuth, warping of the rocker box base...

I used the original azimuth bearings on mine, but changed the base board and rocker box. This totally cured it.

The altitude prob is likely to be same as mentioned by Kim, balance. If the scope is not balanced, then you tend to overtighten the brake and this causes scope to jerkily move...


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